Todd is a local real estate investor and the owner of We Buy Houses Los Angeles, a real estate investment company. He recently launched a campaign where he’s committed to donating $100 to Help The Children for every house he sells.

“I was introduced to Help the Children by their Executive Director David Stratton,” Todd says, “David introduced me to the program, and how they help thousands of homeless people and anyone who needs food that can’t afford to buy it. I felt it was a great organization to belong to in order to help the community.”

Todd says he chose Help The Children because this it serves a need for those that can’t afford to buy food. “When a family gets a delivery of food your not just giving them food to eat, you’re keeping their life going. That’s what this program is all about, saving lives and creating new lives.”

For Todd, the connection of helping people in a tight spot is one he resonates with and deals with on a regular basis in his real estate dealings. He feels that HTC is connecting with people that are in a tough situation, which was one of the driving forces for him as he helps sellers that are also often in tight financial situations, or difficult circumstances.

“The connection is very similar,” he says, “I’m always helping homeowners sell their homes because they’re facing a financial problem or foreclosure. This program is also helping people who are in a tough situation. Helping people always feel good, especially when you’re doing it in the community.”

To learn more about donating to Help The Children with your business, click here.